From Mr. Noël van 't End (Gold medal Judo World Championships Senior 2019): "The Komoder massage chair is great for sports massage!"

"After heavy training, nothing is better than a good and firm massage to recover, that I can now do that at home is very nice.
The combination of a full body massage and the heaviest intensity level greatly helps my recovery so I am ready for the next tournament!
The difference between a Komoder and other chairs is, in my experience, that the Komoder chair can touch the muscles much deeper, which is perfect for sports massage!"

Komoder customers

"I am very satisfied with the chair!"

"First I must tell you that I am very satisfied with the chair you sold to me. It works very well and give a good massage.

Still I have a small issue that you might can help me with.

After I bought it, I have moved to another house, and want to bring the chair to the upper floor.

Unfortunately there is a quite narrow staircase and my question to you is if it is possible to split the chair into two pieces, so i can carry it up the stairs. I have no problem with the weight of the chair. It is the size that matters.

Have a nice day! Greetings!"

Komoder customers

"Excellent. Worth every penny"

"I never imagined that a massage chair could offer such an effective back massage. I can actually feel my back pain and fatigue disappear.

The price is very good and the quality of the materials is greater by far than that of the Komoder massage chair.

The chair is very beautiful and great when it comes to the massage it can offer."

Greetings from Austria

Komoder customers

"Very satisfied. I warmly recommend this chair. You will not regret"

"I just got out of my massage chair and my first impression is that the design is very beautiful and the programs are good and useful for your back. This is a very good massage chair. I am pleased. I will get back to you with further impressions. I wish you a pleasant evening and I look forward to hearing any comments that you might have. Thanks for all the help. Happy New Year! Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. "

Komoder customers
Customer Reviews. Our customer's opinion is the most important.
5 Stars!
- from
Mr. Armando / Novara
We received the chair early this morning. Fantastic service, thank you very much!
- from
Carla / UK
Buy with confidence. Excellent quality. Fantastic massage!
Very satisfied. Recommended. Very Good price.
- from
Frank / Scotland
I wanted the latest massage chair. I received my massage chair this morning. We want to thank you for everything. We have already tested it and we are very satisfied. It is very good. I will recommend you with full confidence to other people as well.
Pleased and satisfied
- from
Paulina / Czech Republic
Yes, everything is OK. The chair was installed on the scheduled date, and the power plug adapter arrived on time.
Very satisfied with the chair
- from
Martin H / Ireland
“I did some research and decided that we wanted the best chair on the market. I have some back and neck problems and I can say that after more than two weeks of using the massage chair, I feel much better and have much more energy. I chose what was more expensive because we wanted the latest model. As far as the massage is concerned, I can say it is fantastic.
I will recommend you
- from
Mr. Florin / Thun
Thank you for the confirmation. I will pay the difference, no problem. And you can be sure that I will recommend you, your company and your product. I am very happy!
I am pleased!
- from
C.C. / Denmark
Happy New Year! Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. This is a very good massage chair. I am pleased.
- from
Dominik M. / Zagreb, Croatia
Thank you, everything went well. I am delighted with your professionalism as well as with the quality of the product. The Focus is indeed something exquisite.
Very interesting model
- from
Mr. Vaughan / Austria
Very interesting model. I recommend you this model anytime. Strong or soft massage, you can choose.
The first experience was great!
- from
Jan Larooij / Finland
Last night, the chair is brought by an extremely friendly driver. The car can not come to the door. After I came home from work, we unpacked the chair and placed. Yesterday my family has already been a first time in the chair and the first experience was great! Sincerely, Jan Larooij
Very happy with it!
- from
Elena / Sweden
I am sorry for not being able to talk to you longer... was in the meeting almost whole day. As I nentioned we have received the chair and are very happy with it:) Thank you very much!
It is wonderful! We are very happy with the product.
- from
Mr. Bjørn / Tromsø, Norway
We have started using the chair. It is wonderful!!! We are very happy with the product. I must mention that your way of handling the customer and be in constant and prompt touch is really really appreciable. It is mainly because of your excellent salesmanship that we decided to buy it from your company. Please convey my appreciation of your services to your senior management. Also, if anybody wants to try the message chair before buying it, you can definately give our reference and we will be happy to entertain him. Once again with all the best wishes and appreciation. Please keep in touch.
Good price.
- from
Martin / Huesca, Spain
I am pleased with the delivery! As for the product, I can say that it is exactly what I wanted and I am glad you called me to ask what I think of it. Congratulations on your activity.
Good quality.
- from
Mr. Levente / Debrecen
I chose this massage chair because it has heating. At the end of the day I am very happy with the chair and the massage is exactly what I wanted.
- from
Jules / Limoges
This is the most reliable massage chair dealer. I chose you because you supplied me with the correct information and I got a good price for the massage chair. I am glad because I have a new generation massage chair and I like its quality!
Satisfied. Recommended.
- from
Gabriel / Braga
This is the only place where you can find the whole range of Inada products. I tested this model in the showroom and bought it because the price was right as compared to other models. Highly recommended!
- from
Mr. Elias / Amberg, Germany
Excellent massage. Very good price, and they delivered it in 24 hours. Buy with confidence!
- from
Mrs. Chloe / Angers, France
Good price compared to other stores. Super massage, good quality, lowest price. We especially enjoy the spine stretching massage.
- from
Mehdi Othmani / Budapest
I bought my chair last year and I was particularly pleased with their services, delivery and installation. Few weeks later, I accidentally broke the switcher of the chair when cleaning my house, I called Komoder and they sent immediately a technician who replaced the switcher at no cost.
Absolutely fantastic
- from
Zayna / Luxembourg
What I can say !! Absolutely fantastic chair massager, very comfortable . WOW ♡♡ I love it . Already I used it for 20 minutes oh what the great feeling and specially for my leg really need it . ♡ Thank you for your help and your advice .
Thank you Komoder!
- from
Noël van 't End - World Judo Champion / Rotterdam
After heavy training, nothing is better than a good and firm massage to recover, that I can now do that at home is very nice. The combination of a full body massage and the heaviest intensity level greatly helps my recovery so I am ready for the next tournament! The difference between a Komoder and other chairs is, in my experience, that the Komoder chair can touch the muscles much deeper, which is perfect for sports massage.
Thank you! Good Quality!
- from
Gabriel G. / Paris
Finally I received my ordered massage chair. We need to get familiar with the chair for more functions. Good Quality!
We use our chair daily!
- from
Christine L. / Brussels
So helpful in answering my questions.. Thank you Komoder for helping me choose Everest massage chair. So helpful in answering my questions. We use our chair daily!
A healing experience for body, mind and soul
- from
Mrs. Glenn / London
Few words can describe my first experience in a KOMODER massage chair, but if I were to find one, that would be: out of this world. The LUXOR chair is an excellent machine and really does what it supposes to do, take the massage experience to a completely new level, and all the magic happens right in the cosiness of my living room. Precise, completely adjustable, technologized, intense or mild, perfect for massaging my entire body after a full day at the office, or a very intense training session at the gym. A healing experience for body, mind and soul. Furthermore, the entire experience with KOMODER was a positive one, from the moment I have reached towards them, decided upon one of their chairs and placed my order, till the moment I have received my product I had all the support of the client service department at every step of the way. The delivery was in time and without any problems. I fully recommend them and their massage chairs
What an absolutely amazing product that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!
- from
Wendy Gill / Inverness, Scotland
I was the lucky recipient of an ( EVEREST) KOMODER MASSAGE chair, from my wonderful son and his family, for my 60th Birthday. I have experienced every type of massage, with varying degrees of success and satisfaction. However, with this chair I no sooner find a favourite programme, when another appears ! The chair itself is compact and made of soft, good quality material, easy to clean.It is a dark red colour, which blends effortlessly into my colour scheme. The automatic programmes are well planned and easily accessed through the intuitive handset, which is easy to navigate.If you ever exhaust the Automatic options, then an infinite array of manual settings are available to customise your massage experience.The only downside is that I find it so, so difficult to come back down to earth at the end of a session, and would happily stay on it all day !!
Excellent. I could not be happier.
- from
Tom Luis / London
Excellent. I could not be happier with my FOCUS 2 massage chair. You will be able to get your money’s worth in massages. Congrats for the products and for great service here in London.
Thank you!
- from
Hank Justin / Croydon
I really love this massage chair and I can say this is the best investment I have made in a very long time. Thank you for this awesome experience!
Very satisfied with Komoder experience
- from
Markus Kar / United Kingdom
Very satisfied with your product. I bought Victoria massage chair one week ago and I my back doesn't ache as it used to. Thank you!
Amazing design!
- from
Hannah / London
No wonder that the name is PRIME. It has an amazing design and the massage experience was beyond my expectations.
Very excited about my new purchase!
- from
Mr. Rogers / Leeds
I am most impressed with you and your products. Thank you and your team for the professional way you handled my order and the delivery.
The right massage chair for my tiny sitting room
- from
Christopher / East Sussex
Very happy with my choice! I was afraid that I won't find a proper massage chair that will fit into my sitting room. If you are looking for a full option massage chair but you lack the space I highly recommend it.
This is THE massage chair - no joke
- from
Kevin / London
Very strong full body massage chair. Love the calves massage technique and also the stretching program.
I chose it for the design but fell in love with the massage technique
- from
Amina / Sutton
A chair that matches very nicely with the rest of my furniture but which also has a wide range of automated programs. Best choice I have ever made!
The perfect fit for me and my budget
- from
Karan / London
Quite a task to find a good chair with a small budget these days. I was happy to be able to test before purchase and most of all happy that Komoder delivered and installed my chair without any other cost.
I am very happy with the chair!
- from
Lisa / Sweden
After having telephone and email contact with Paul and receiving a description of different chairs, I decided to get the Everest massage chair. The chair was transported by appointment, nice and service-minded guys carried it upstairs, installed and informed me about how I would use the chair. Paul has since been available via email and phone and kindly answered all my questions. I am very happy with the chair! In addition to the automatic programs, I can customize different massage methods according to my own wishes and desired program length. So good to be able to have a massage at home when it suits me without having to make an appointment! I highly recommend the Komoder company the service has been perfect!
I love the Nova 2
- from
Francisc Stillwater / Switzerland
It has a calf massage like no other. I suffer from muscle atrophy and it's exactly what I needed. And the 3D massage ... wow!
I needed this chair
- from
Mathias Rex / Croatia
I work all day long at office. Back hurts, everything hurts. Thank you, Paul and thank you Komoder!
The best purchase I made so far
- from
Camile Hoffen / Sweden
The Luxor II is the best purchase that I made so far. Paul said that I would love it and thank God I listened. I am recommending it to all my friends
I just want to sit in it all day
- from
Pablo Costelo / Norway
ETNA is my favourite chair. It goes very well with the rest of my furniture. Thank you Paul for bringing it to me
Many thanks
- from
Austin Russel / London
It was refreshing to meet such an attentive, polite and knowledgable delivery team. Experiences I have had in the past have been that they seem to just bring the item in, drop it in place and go. This team were the complete opposite, they discussed my options on location of the chair. Went through each setting on both remote and arm. They even went over some items that weren’t covered during my visit to the showroom, including being able to turn off Alice completely! After they went through everything, they helped me put the sofa back in place. The team then placed the box outside for me, out of the way, covered in plastic so that I can keep it for the 14 day cooling off period. They are both an asset to your team and it was a pleasure to have them come to my property and got through my new massage chair. Please could you ensure that they get acknowledged and recognition for a job well done by your senior management team.
The services are amazing!
- from
Carrie Craftsdale / Denmark
I suffer from fibromyalgia, so I really needed a good massage chair. Paul recommended that I get the Komoder Marina, and he was right. I am telling all my friends about it.
You won’t regret it!
- from
Dionne Rogers / London
From start to finish my experience with Komoder has been outstanding. Having taken the time to visit their premises in London, and I thoroughly recommend you do, Adriana was fantastic. No hard sell, very informative and no bad attitude when I said I wouldn’t be making a decision that day. A few days later I confirmed my order, a few weeks later my chair, the Victoria II was delivered. The guys who delivered it were lovely and a great demo was given. I can honestly say I can’t imagine life without my chair… of course the first few weeks I used it every day. I would say I’ve used it 5 times a week from here on in … 15 minutes seems to be my go to time. My advice if you are thinking about a massage chair is don’t think about it - just do it! You won’t regret it!
Great trust in Komoder
- from
Mr. Amit / Knivsta, Sweden
I wanted to update you that the massage chair was installed yesterday. Bogdan and his colleague was very good and nice. It took sometime for installation but they were very service oriented. I would like to thank you and them. Very professional behavior and it’s establishing a great trust in Komoder. Happy holidays, soon it’s coming.
Just perfect!
- from
Eva A. / Middlesbrough
Perfect! Just perfect! What strikes you at first glance is the beauty of its design, posh and elegant perfectly fitting the design of my home, but don’t let yourself fooled, beneath its cover you will find a perfectly engineered machine packed with state-of-the-art technology. Few words can describe the feeling of this high-end massage chair, so if you have any doubts, you shouldn’t! Acquiring a TITAN II massage chair was an investment, but it was definitely worth it. I Fully recommend KOMODER and their massage chair.
We are very happy with the purchase!
- from
Pauline T. / Oswestry
We have bought the KOMODER TITAN II massage chair for our holiday house, we thought that it would be a perfect acquisition for our moments of relaxation after a very intensive working year. We both work extra long hours, we have very intense jobs, and definitely stress relieving is a must for us and a massage chair was clearly a good solution. Already owning another massage chair in our London apartment, we fully understand their benefits. We wanted something of latest technology to complete our relaxation room, and no doubt TITAN II from KOMODER is what we were looking for. We are very happy with the purchase! Thank you KOMODER for helping us improve our wellbeing!
Very nice and professional delivery team
- from
Ian D. / Kelso
LUXURY II for a massage to remember. After testing several models on the market, I decided to go for the LUXURY II. It definitely helped to test it in their showroom in London. I fully appreciate the strength of the massage and the way it stretches and works my body. Delivery and installation went smoothly, and their delivery teams are very nice and professional.
LUXURY II keeps our body balanced
- from
David H. / Waterford
We are an athletic couple who needed a massage chair to recover after our daily intensive fitness routine. The LUXURY II keeps our body balanced and fully relieves our muscular strain so we can keep our schedule and achieve our fitness goals. Train your body, keep your balanced diet, relieve the body stress, sleep, and repeat.
Small, cosy and effective!
- from
Philip L. / Southampton
A massage chair for someone like me searching for some minutes of deep relaxation and wellbeing. Got the brown one, it is easier to clean and doesn’t get dirty so quickly. Delivered and installed by KOMODER’s teams free of charge in record time.
My clients love it!
- from
Barry G. / Kendal
Bought the Monaco massage as an addition for my business. I am a hairdresser and running a small salon, so I’ve wanted to add a small benefit for my clients. They seem to be very happy while they are in the waiting room. If my clients appreciate it, so must I.
I love it!
- from
Jan D. / Bratislava, Slovakia
Hi Jonathan, thanks for your message. I love it, so far it is great!! I have already spent so many hours using it!
Top Class, thank you!
- from
Christos I. / Greece
Hello Jonathan... just had my first massage! I have to say it exceeded my expectations! Also I want to congratulate you and the delivery guy for exceptional customer service!
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