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Your very own clinical masseuse

This stylish and feature-packed massage chair combines new-generation technology with high-quality design to give you the ultimate in massage relaxation. Everything about the PRIME massage chair is focused on maximising your overall well-being. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and retreat into a world of your own with your virtual masseuse!


Fight pain in style

The Prime massage chair is designed to give weary muscles and joints the TLC they deserve. When this stylish product envelops your entire body, you’re guaranteed an experience that will deliver relief from persistent pain.

The ultimate stress reliever

Whether you perform manual labour or sit at an office desk for eight hours every day, the PRIME massage chair is packed with features that will minimise your stress levels. Designed specifically to fight the modern-day scourges of bad backs, stiff necks and aching joints, this stylish product is the perfect weapon in the fight against bad posture.


Therapy for your soul

When you sit back in the PRIME massage chair, switch on your tunes and leave the outside world behind, you’re transported to another place…a more serene place. And that’s all thanks to the advanced technologies, design and craftsmanship that go into the production of this premium massage system.


Everyday luxury

The PRIME massage chair is designed to be your long-term, personal masseuse. With 12 automated wellness programmes and a timer to ensure your relaxation sessions never overrun, this advanced massage system will perform miracles on your body and mind — day or night.


The massage chair with technology at its heart

While technology is often the root cause of the stress many of us experience, it can also be the cure. Our PRIME full-body massage chair is proof of that. Our research and development department is perfecting technologies that can enhance both your physical and mental well-being.


A fully automated four-handed massage

The 3D massage mechanism for deep tissue joins forces with the specialised mechanism for the waist and buttocks. The effect is a synchronized massage similar to the simultaneous four-hand massage done by professional massage therapists!

Noble craftsmanship worth a nobel price

The Swedish Academy awarded a Nobel prize to the inventors of graphene. The PRIME massage chair features graphene heating that doubles the efficiency of the massage, stimulates blood flow and reduces muscle pain and stiffness.


Two Axels for the Ultimate in Back Massages

Straight rail system

The massage mechanism covers the whole upper body in a straight line running on the length of the back from the neck to the waist.

Flexible rail system

This patented innovation arches your back to specifically prepare your posture for a Thai massage.

Prime Massagesessel

Your own warm refuge at home

In 2010, two physicists received the Nobel Prize for discovering graphene, a form of carbon with amazing capabilities linked to quantum physics.
This year, KOMODER PRIME uses graphene to benefit your health. Used as a heat conductor, this carbon-based material far surpasses the performance of all known materials. The infrared radiation it emits is considered ideal therapy for natural healthcare.


Designed for comfort and pampering

The perfectly-crafted interior is dedicated to providing maximum comfort. The design of the PRIME massage chair showcases the patented KOMODER technology: a flexible rail that takes the massage experience to an entirely new level. We use plush, luxurious materials and subtle lights to create a truly immersive experience. And we included multimedia functions to deliver the best possible massage experience in a setting that’s conducive to personal pampering.


A personal masseuse for your home

The PRIME massage chair needs just five centimetres of clearance from the wall. The chair slides forward and reclines with the use of two synchronized mechanisms to save space and simultaneously offer you the perfect position for relaxing. And the elegant design turns the PRIME massage chair into the focal point of any room.


Eye-catching comfort

The PRIME full-body massage chair uses elegant lines and contours amplified in a modernist aesthetic. The contrast between the concave and convex shapes creates a space that continuously offers you a heightened sense of intimacy and safety.


Precision craftsmanship

The side panels are designed with elegant joinery creating a three-dimensional effect and making it possible for the PRIME massage chair to seamlessly blend into the majority of domestic settings. This premium massage system looks at home just about anywhere!


Luxury materials

High-end premium materials, such as leather and granulated wood, undergo rigorous testing tgo pass all industry standards. This gives the PRIME massage chair a feeling of luxury and hand-made craftsmanship.


Sustainably built for maximum comfort

Advanced eco-friendly materials

The PRIME full-body massage chair uses advanced synthetic polyurethane leather, that has a fine texture and pleasing aesthetic. The surface is delicate to the touch and comfortable from the onset. It is easy to clean with a simple wet cloth. PRIME is certified to be in accordance with all environmental and quality standards.
This is a guarantee to the fact that in the making of this product, no materials have been used that would be harmful to man or to the environment. The production process is in compliance with the Directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Unique pillow design

The synthetic polyurethane leather cushions of the PRIME massage chair feature a unique woven design. Each part of your body is well supported by one of the pillows included in the package: a full-sized seat cushion, a large and medium pillow for your back and a small pillow for your head.
PRIME pillows are designed to contribute to a personalized experience. Use them to enjoy a soft massage or remove them for a firmer one.


Full control with one-touch operation

The touchscreen remote gives you one-touch access to all of PRIME’s functions. This includes advanced settings such as pairing smart devices with the massage chair. The icons have been selected with care to make everything intuitive and easy to use. The armrest has seven quick-access buttons to facilitate simple operation.


Six therapeutic massage technologies

Synchronized kneading and tapping

The massage rollers provide synchronized kneading and tapping massage across the entire length of the back — combating muscle stiffness.

Intense pressing

The massage rollers target specific pressure points across the back. This is the type of pressing required to relieve pressure.

Deep shiatsu

The massage rollers apply pressure to the back’s meridians and move down your back to release blockages.

Rhythmic knocking

The massage rollers provide rhythmic knocking on the back’s meridian pressure points and travel downwards along the spine to relax the entire back.

Delicate kneading

A series of delicate movements deliver relaxing relief from pain and stiffness. A rotating massage movement delivers long-lasting results.

3D Shiatsu

The massage rollers extend and retract eight centimetres, providing a deep massage to the meridians and the energy channels of the body.

The PRIME massage chair delivers head-to-toe relaxation

This advanced full-body massage chair is designed to cover almost every inch of your body.


Combined pinching, lifting and pulling movements for the neck that clears your mind and contributes to a better all-round mood.


Focused pressure and kneading for the shoulders: a perfect program after a long day at the office or in front of your computer. Leave the worries of work behind while PRIME gives you the perfect massage.

Shoulder blades

This is a sensitive area and needs delicate and innovative therapy. This new programme is perfect for training and relaxing the shoulder blades. The program delivers several therapeutic effects for your entire back.


Thai stretching helps relax the waist muscles and strengthens the spine in the lumbar area having beneficial long-term effects on your posture. By using the PRIME massage chair daily, you’re potentially preventing future problems!


The Prime massage chair’s airbags — built into the legrest — and the graphene rapid heat radiator, relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood flow to the legs and feet.

The rollers feature ridges that are dedicated to massaging your feet to stimulate pressure points.

Do you have sensitive feet? PRIME offers five intensity settings for air-pressure massage.


The leg rest has a double role. It is a patented technology that offers support and traction in both directions and automatically adapts to the user’s height.


It improves the flexibility and mobility of the thoracic muscles through a new technique of chest stretching that mobilizes the entire ribcage. Breathe easily!

The massage chair that’s built for modern living

Bluetooth connectivity

An increasingly larger part of our life is happening on our mobile phones. PRIME helps you stay connected. The massage chair pairs with your favourite smart device via the Bluetooth function so you can listen to your favourite songs through the built-in system. A dedicated USB port provides fast mobile charging while you’re enjoying a relaxing massage.

Surround sound

Close your eyes and float on PRIME’s airbags. You’ll be transported to another place. And to enhance the experience, why not have your favourite music playing from the built-in NICAM surround sound speakers? With PRIME, you’ll be treated to accurately rendered, full-range dynamic sound. Relax, dream on and let your soul experience the true sense of well-being!


Product Specifications

Timer Yes
Automatic Massage Programs 12
Automatic Reclining Yes
Footrest Extends automatically
Airbags in buttocks area Yes
Calf airbags Yes
Massage Rollers 3D
Back Massage Systems 2 Independent Systems
Calf Massage Yes
Reflex Therapy Yes
Heating For back and legs
Controller Touchscreen Tablet
Controller Stand Yes
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Amazing design!
No wonder that the name is PRIME. It has an amazing design and the massage experience was beyond my expectations.