Payment by instalments

KOMODER Financing options for Individuals

Payment in installments through Split It

Split It

KOMODER offers you a financing option for individuals disposing of a credit card1.

You are planning to acquire a KOMODER massage chair, yet you think about your monthly budget? You should no longer worry, KOMODER is now offering instalment plans for all of our clients.

We offer between 2 and 122 no interest, application, credit checks, or instalment fees.

Easy to access, easy to pay, easy to have, just so you can fully enjoy the life changing experience of a KOMODER Massage Chair right now!

How does it work?

  • We help you choose the right massage chair for you, following your needs and expectations.
  • We prepare all the required documents
  • You decide for a comfortable initial down payment3
  • You decide on the number of instalments
  • You validate the proposed plan with you credit card
  • We bring your KOMODER massage chair to your home or office & install it free of charge
  • You are ready to benefit from what an excellent massage chair can do for your body & mind! Without feeling the financial burden of a full upfront payment.

What is SPLIT IT and why we chose it for our KOMODER clients?

It is convenient solution for all of our customers who have an extended credit line, enough to capture the full amount and then make re-authorizations of the outstanding balance. Nevertheless, the regular instalments are the only amounts that you will need to pay at the end of each month. The hold and re-authorizations allow us to offer immediate solution to all of our customers without asking them for a time-consuming and tedious credit check.

KOMODER instalments by SPLIT IT, a clear example?

If you want to acquire a KOMODER massage chair which, costs, for example, 5.000 pounds, then you will need to have 5.000 GBP available on your credit card. However, since there will be monthly authorizations you need to have enough credit limit to make them pass.

So, the 5.000 pounds is put on hold and the first instalment of for example 1.000 pounds is then charged = the rest of 4.000 pounds is an outstanding balance.

In 19 or 21 days the authorization will happen, a new hold will be placed for the outstanding amount which is now of 4.000 pounds.

In order to make the authorization pass you will need to have 4.000 pounds available on the card at the moment of authorization.

Once the new hold takes place the previous one will be voided.

You cannot use the money we placed on hold before reauthorizing the card, that's why it's important to have an extended credit line to let the authorization pass.

With each monthly payment the amount that is placed on hold reduces.

You need to have an amount for the authorization available only at the time of the authorization.

In case the amount is not available, Split It gives you 7 days to resolve the issue. If this situation occurs, you have 2 possible options:

1. Adding funds on the credit card

2. Extending your credit limit

For further details about how it works, you can also visit our partner’s website HERE

Delivery and return policy when opting for instalment plans

If you choose to acquire a KOMODER massage chair by opting for a financing option monthly instalment plan, you will still benefit from all of our KOMODER services and client’s benefits such as:

  • free delivery and installation4 insured by KOMODER delivery fleets and specialists
  • 3 years, complete KOMODER warranty5
  • 5 years AS (post-sales) services
  • "Satisfied or money back guaranteed" return policy of 14 days6


1 This solution is created for the credit cards due to the financing mechanism and collection of monthly instalments

2 instalments available based on the chosen model, product range, and value:

  • a maximum of 2 instalments for the massage accessories
  • a maximum of 6 instalments for the mid-range products (the massage chairs up to a value of 5000 GBP)
  • a maximum of 10 instalments for the hi-end products (the massage chairs up from a of 5000 GBP up to 9500 GBP)
  • a maximum of 12 instalments for the utra-hi-end products (the massage chairs above 9500 GBP)

3 the minimum down payment is of 30% of the product’s value to ensure product reservation, an additional 350 GBP will be also invoiced for the white gloves’ delivery and installation service – if handled by KOMODER delivery team - the instalment plans will be applied to the remaining value of the order

4 unless there are special delivery conditions OR you would wish for another type of delivery such as door-to-door, by air or by sea delivery etc. - not handled by KOMODER delivery teams.

5 including labour costs, spare parts costs, transport to and from our maintenance depots if in your home or office intervention is not possible, free exchange, delivery and installation of the exchanged product if the product is beyond repairing N.B. KOMODER LTD does not cover any damage to the product generated by the mis-usage or the mishandling of the massage chairs by the customer.

6 a return fee of flat 350 GBP will be charged by KOMODER covering transport and handling of product by KOMODER delivery teams from the client to KOMODER’s depot. An extra fee might be calculated if the returned product shows signs of usage or lacks 100% functionality – for the paid amount to be fully returned, the product should be assimilated to “new state” and all accessories and original packaging should be present.

Instalments simulations for some of our KOMODER massage chairs:

Product Price (VAT included) First Payment Remaining value Number of instalments Monthly instalment value
FOCUS II 3600 £ 1430 £ 2170 £ 6 362 £
TITAN 6600 £ 2330 £ 4270 £ 10 427 £
PRIME 9900 £ 3320 £ 6580 £ 12 548 £

Financing options for Professionals

If you are a professional in search of the benefits of massage for your company, or just willing to build your company around the benefits that massage chairs can offer to your stakeholders, just opt for our leasing solutions. Offered in partnership with GRENKE.
The benefits of leasing, see them HERE.
Learn more by contacting us at [email protected] or by calling: +44 75 9372 3114

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