Comparison of Komoder Massage Chairs

Komoder massage chairs have various specifications. These include massage techniques, control methods, heating, the number of massage rollers and air cushions, the massage intensity levels, the distance between the rollers and much more. Only in this way can the requirements of all customers be met and so the massage chairs fit into various types of budgets. We come towards our customers with this comparison, so that everyone can choose what suits them best.

Comparison of massage chairs - Komoder MEDIUM RANGE

The Komoder mid-range includes Victoria II, Focus II, Everest Flex II, Opera and Focus III massage chairs and soon new models. They are distinguished by the multitude of control methods and the number of air cushions, which can reach up to 28, in the case of Focus II and Monaco. The number of automatic programs varies from 8 to 15, but the intensity of the rollers and the distance between the rollers are similar. See the full list of mid-range massage chairs in the table.

Massage techniques 5 5 6 6 9 5
Control (remote) Remote control
Panel on the armrest
Voice control
Joystick control for simultaneous footrest and back position
Remote control
Voice control
Panel on the armerst
8 inch LED Touch Screen
control panel
Remote control
Voice control
8 inch LED Touch Screen
Voice control
Touch screen tablet
Panel on the armrest
Heating Back Back Back, Shoulder, Belly Back Back Back and legs
Massage rollers 4 4 4 4 4 4
Airbags 28 double airbags 16 double airbags, 4 positions 24 double airbags, 4 positions 26 double airbags 26 double airbags 16 double airbags
Calf rollers No
(ankle locks)
(ankle locks)
Yes No No No
Calf kneading No Yes Yes No No No
Speed levels 5 5 5 5 5 5
Width levels 3 3 3 3 5 3
Back Roller intensity adjustment No No No No No No
Feet Roller Intensity adjustment 3 3 3 3 3 3
Air pressure intensity levels 3 3 3 5 5 5
Automatic programs 12 8 15 11 20 12
Suitable for:
Height / in 76 78 74 74 78 76
Weight / lbs 275 220 264 242 264 265

Comparison of massage chairs - Komoder PREMIUM RANGE

The Komoder massage chairs from the premium range, Therapeutix" and Veleta II, have specifications that will attract even the most demanding customers. Here you will notice the presence of the touch screen tablet, the number of automatic programs, which vary between 12 and 23, and all of them have the possibility of adjustable intensity of the rollers, so each user can set the intensity of the massage as he wants or needs. These armchairs will be suitable for more generous budgets.

Massage techniques 7 (knead, tap I, tap II
knead & tap, shiatsu I
shiatsu II, grasp)
Control (remote) Touch screen panel on the armrest
Voice Control
8 inch tablet
Voice control
Panel on the right armrest
Heating Back - heat belt can be
positioned on torso
Massage rollers 4 4
Airbags 36 double airbags,
5 positions
Calf rollers Yes
(also ankle locks)
Calf kneading Yes Yes
Speed levels 5 5
Width levels 3 5
Back Roller intensity adjustment 3 5
Feet Roller Intensity adjustment 3 4
Air pressure intensity levels 3 5
Automatic programs 23 20
Suitable for:
Height / in 78 74
Weight / lbs 286 264

Comparison of massage chairs - Komoder PREMIUM PLUS

The Prime and Titan II massage chairs, which fall into the Komoder premium plus range, have 24 and 38 air cushions and 24 and 12 automatic programs and both of them have adjustable intensity so that each family member can choose the type of massage that suits them best. These chairs have 2 massage systems, one for the lower and one for the upper back, being capable of doing a very efficient massage. These are the armchairs that combine the latest technology with an innovative design, suitable in any home.

Massage techniques 6 6
Synchronous Tapping
Shiatsu 3D)
Control (remote) Touch screen
Panel on the armrest (7 quick buttons)
Voice control
8 inch LED Touch screen control panel
Heating Back (carbon fiber)
Legs (grafen)
Lower back, legs
adjustable on 3 levels
Massage rollers 6 8
Airbags 38 airbags, 7 positions 24 double airbags, 7 positions
Calf rollers No
(only calves locks)
(4 / 2 on each side)
Calf kneading No Yes
(3 intensity levels)
Speed levels 5 6
Width levels 3 3
Back Roller intensity adjustment 6 5
Feet Roller Intensity adjustment 5 4
Air pressure intensity levels 6 6
Automatic programs 12
(3 intensity levels)
Suitable for:
Height / in 82 82
Weight / lbs 308 308

If you need more information about the specifications of our massage chairs in the Komoder offer, you can visit us in our London showroom.

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