Komoder Full-Body Massage Chairs

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Feature-Packed Massage Chairs in the UK

Treat yourself to your own personal massage therapist - with a state-of-the-art massage chair from KOMODER.

2 reviews
TITAN II Dual Track Massage Chair. You'll feel like royalty as you sink into the luxurious comfort of TITAN II and let the innovative massage technology work its magic.
TITAN II Ultra Hig-end Dual Track Massage Chair
1 reviews
Ultra-high-end KOMODER PRIME Massage Chair, latest massage technology, double 3D massage robot mechanism, 6 massage rollers, dual SL extra-long rails.
PRIME Massage Chair
2 reviews
KOMODER VELETA II 4D massage chair, 23 auto programs, 11 massage techniques, leg kneading, phone charging, voice control and many innovative functions
VELETA II 4D Massage Chair
3 reviews
KOMODER FOCUS III massage chair, 6 massage techniques, 15 automated massage programs, 24 double layer airbags, tablet control and innovative heating system
FOCUS III Massage Chair
2 reviews
VELETA II DELUXE massage chair, equipped with a 4D massage robot, 23 auto programs, 11 massage techniques, leg kneading, fast phone charging, voice control and many new functions!
2 reviews
Therapeutix is ​​the latest KOMODER massage chair designed and executed after a thorough research of the human body. Fundamentally, this massage chair stores data and provides solutions to satisfy any type of user, elevating the massage to the next level.
The brand new THERAPEUTIX 4D Massage Chair
2 reviews
EVEREST FLEX II is Komoder's first massage chair designed to please tall people as well! Today's technology offers us a multitude of combinations and solutions, and EVEREST FLEX II focuses on a perfect back massage from the first cervical vertebra to the last sacral vertebra.
The brand new EVEREST FLEX II Massage Chair
0 reviews
The 4D NOVA DUO massage chair is equipped with two massage systems, 20 automatic programs, 9 massage techniques, voice control, Bluetooth, etc.
The 4D NOVA DUO massage chair is equipped with two massage systems, 20 automatic programs, 9 massage techniques, voice control, Bluetooth, etc.
3 reviews
KOMODER VICTORIA 3D massage chair, 4 massage rollers, calf kneading, heating system, voice control, space saver, zero gravity, and Bluetooth connectivity
VICTORIA II Massage Chair
2 reviews
KOMODER FOCUS II 3D massage chair, 12 auto programs, heating, voice command, space saver, zero gravity and much more. Your daily massage experience!
FOCUS II Massage Chair
0 reviews
This massage chair has been specially designed for companies looking to increase work productivity and employee well-being. A massage chair can serve as an incentive to counteract the routine and sedentary nature of modern workplace activities
CORPORATE Massage Chair
0 reviews
The OPERA massage chair is equipped with a 3D massage mechanism along an SL rail, 12 automatic programs, and 5 special massage techniques
[NEW LAUNCH] The OPERA massage chair is equipped with a 3D massage mechanism along an SL rail, 12 automatic programs, and 5 special massage techniques.

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In-depth review of VELETA II DELUXE 4D Massage Chair

Choose the Full Body Massage Chair That’s Right for You

The right electric massage chair has the power to relax your mind and soothe your body. This sophisticated technology delivers clinical massages at home, work, or anywhere you have space for it. And with a huge range of complementary features, you can create a massage experience that’s perfect for your needs.

Here at Komoder, we have an extensive range of premium massage chairs — some of which are significantly discounted. Take a few moments to compare our state-of-the-art models, and choose the option that delivers the benefits you need most.

What Our Customers Are Saying About KOMODER Massage Chairs

Our customers love their KOMODER massage chairs in the UK. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what they’re saying about the therapeutic benefits of our cutting-edge products!

Just perfect!
Eva A.

Perfect! Just perfect! What strikes you at first glance is the beauty of its design, posh and elegant perfectly fitting the design of my home, but don’t let yourself fooled, beneath its cover you will find a perfectly engineered machine packed with state-of-the-art technology. Few words can describe the feeling of this high-end massage chair, so if you have any doubts, you shouldn’t! Acquiring a TITAN II massage chair was an investment, but it was definitely worth it. I Fully recommend KOMODER and their massage chair.
We are very happy with the purchase!
Pauline T.

We have bought the KOMODER TITAN II massage chair for our holiday house, we thought that it would be a perfect acquisition for our moments of relaxation after a very intensive working year. We both work extra long hours, we have very intense jobs, and definitely stress relieving is a must for us and a massage chair was clearly a good solution. Already owning another massage chair in our London apartment, we fully understand their benefits. We wanted something of latest technology to complete our relaxation room, and no doubt TITAN II from KOMODER is what we were looking for. We are very happy with the purchase! Thank you KOMODER for helping us improve our wellbeing!
Amazing design!

No wonder that the name is PRIME. It has an amazing design and the massage experience was beyond my expectations.
Satisfied customer!
L. Andrásné

I wanted an armchair that could massage strongly and even gently at the same time. Thanks to the many programs, I can always find the right massage for the given problem! Thank you, I really like the massage chair!
Pure Bliss at Home
Charlotte E.

I recently bought the Veleta 2 and it has been pure bliss! With its sleek design and all the programs available, it's like having a personal spa at home. The massages are heavenly and it helps me relax after a long day. The heating function takes relaxation to the highest level. I'm thrilled that I made the decision to invest in this massage chair!
Very satisfied with Komoder experience
Markus Kar

Very satisfied with your product. I bought Victoria massage chair one week ago and I my back doesn't ache as it used to. Thank you!
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The Best Massage Chairs in the UK

Not all full-body massage chairs in the UK are made equal. If you’re searching for maximum functionality, comfort, and effectiveness, KOMODER has got you covered! Our chairs deliver both physical and mental benefits — improving your all-round well-being.

Designed to soothe and relax key areas of the body, our advanced massage chairs combine at least five different massage techniques simultaneously. The result? A full-body approach to relieving pain in your back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet.

We have more than 20 advanced massage chairs for sale in the UK. And they’re all designed to work on the most tense and painful parts of your body. So what are you waiting for? Check out our comprehensive selection of massage chairs today, and give yourself an in-house massage therapist who will never charge you a penny!

Electric Massage Chairs

Do you crave a nice, all-over massage every evening when you get home from work? Then our mid-range electric massage chairs could be exactly what you need.

The Everest Flex II, for example, is a full-body massage chair that combines Komoder’s signature air pillow technology with special calve rollers. To put all that technical jargon in context, this advanced massage chair delivers a complete pressure massage, from the lumbar area down to your legs.

Just like the Everest Flex, the Focus II massage chair features a proprietary user scan and built-in airbags to offer a fully personalised massage. This model even has a reflexology functionality to promote relaxation.

For a deep all-over massage, the Victoria II full-body massage chair is another excellent model. It wraps around the entire body, including your legs and feet, and uses a calf-kneading function that’s perfect for relaxing those aching joints and muscles after a long day.

LUXURY Massage Chairs

If you’re searching for the ultimate in massage relaxation, we’ve got a selection of luxury massage chairs featuring touchscreen tablets, automatic programs, and adjustable intensities. Owning one of these beauties is just like having your own massage therapist on retainer!

The THERAPEUTIX, on the other hand, features 20 preset massage programs and 11 massage techniques.

Whether you’re searching for a luxury Shiatsu massage chair or something that focuses purely on therapeutic massage, we’ve got you covered!

Professional Massage Chairs

Also known as Premium Plus, our range of professional massage chairs is made up of two models: the VELETA and the TITAN II.

These full-body massage chairs combine an innovative design with the latest technology. They feature two separate massage systems for treating the lower and upper back independently. With numerous airbags, heating options, massage techniques, and speed/intensity combinations, these electric massagers are suited to everyone.

To find out more about our full-body massage chairs, and our other high-quality products, visit our showroom in London or get in touch with us today. Our dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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