Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

» How long does it take for my massage chair to be shipped from the day the order is placed?

» How long does the warranty last?

» Where can I test the massage chairs?

» What is the weight of a massage chair?

» How can I pay? Which are the payment methods?

» What is the difference between 3D and 4D?

» Where are the massage chairs manufactured?

» How many times per day can I use the chair without breaking it?

» How can I clean the massage chair?

» Do all chairs have the zero gravity function?

» How do I know which chair is right for me?

» How much energy does the massage chair use?

» Is installation included in price or just the delivery?

» How to maintain the product?

» I already have an older massage chair at home, will you buy it?

» I decided to order. What's next?

» Do I get a discount if I buy more products?

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FOCUS II - Experience the services of a restless massage specialist who masters 12 automatic programs and 6 massage tehniques

Discover the brand new FOCUS II

TITAN II - Ultra High-End Massage Chair

Discover TITAN II
TITAN II - Ultra High-End Massage Chair
Shipping for Free
Komoder Massage Chairs Storage

Proper Storage

We have many warehouses across the Europe
and we store your chair in perfect conditions.

Safe handling

The massage chair is loaded mechanically,
with love and care.
Free Shipping

We provide free shipping

In most cases, we transport the massage chairs
in our own vehicles, using our employees.
Komoder Handling and Assembly

Handling and Assembly.

We have installed the chair.
Enjoy your massage!
Leave your details and we will call you as soon as possible.

Please fill in the form and one of our consultant will contact you as soon as possible to identify the model of the massage chair that fits your needs. Our specialist will take into account the height and weight of the future massage chair users.

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