Disclaimer - Komoder Massage Chairs

KOMODER LTD is not responsible for the misusage or the mishandling of the massage chairs that might lead to damage to goods and property, injury or death (to users or pets).

KOMODER LTD is no responsible for any health & medical conditions, or for any other relevant information (such as: special delivery, handling and installation conditions) that any potential or final client might intentionally or unwillingly withhold in relation to our company and company’s representatives leading to undesirable outcomes such as: damage to goods and property, aggravation of client’s pre-existent physical or mental condition, harm, injury or death.

KOMODER LTD is not responsible for any delivery delays caused by customs procedures, natural factors, traffic conditions, and/or any outside factors or unforeseen situations that might intervene during the pick-up, shipment and delivery procedures toward final client.

KOMODER LTD is not responsible for any unfulfilled orders caused by client cancellation of order with or without prior notice, by the impossibility of contacting the client upon delivery, the incorrect communication of shipping and final delivery address.