Komoder - Brand Identity

KOMODER is an international company specialized in the retailing of massage chairs and armchairs.
Founded in 2011, it was set up with the goal to become a key player on the European market of wellbeing & therapeutically massage chairs and armchairs both for home and professional usage.
Starting as local resellers of more than one of the world’s renowned brands such as: Panasonic, Humantouch, iRest, or Inada, we grew into a multinational business in as short as 3 years’ time frame, eventually covering the whole of the E.U. & the U.K., as well as Ireland.

In our quest to offer the best chairs and services for our clients, we started developing our own products, under the brand of KOMODER, focusing ourselves on satisfying the ever-complex demand of our clients, yet offering ever improving products, standards and services, hence becoming market leader in several European countries.
Our success rests upon the way we build our brand reputation and nurture fruitful, as well as sustainable interactions with our clients and business partners. Creating a long-term overall sustainable business for all our employees and stakeholders is a credo that we do not cease to actively pursue at all levels of our organisation, every step of the way.

Another key element of our progress lies in the way we actually develop our products – from the choice of the future product design and materials, to the integration of the latest massage technology and functions, we are proactive in acknowledging and integrating clients’ needs and expectation in every single product that we develop and market.
Furthermore, our commitment towards the values & principles that define our business, as well as our engagement toward our stakeholders are mandatory for our company’s culture and organisational climate.

Our vision / Our goal:

To create the ultimate immersive massage chair experience for everyone.

Our mission:

To offer the best, hi-tech, automated massage chair experience in view of constantly improving our customers wellbeing & life quality through hi-technology!

Our values:


We promote high ethical standards and morally positive behaviours (such as transparency, honesty, responsibility, and trustworthiness) at every level of our organisation, but also towards our stakeholders, regardless the market, or business environment in which we are present.

Fairness & Equity

We treat all our stakeholders equally and fairly, ensuring equal treatment and chances - without any sex & gender, sexual orientation, race & colour, national origin, social status, culture & religion, or other type of discrimination whatsoever.


We are deeply committed towards our employees, clients, and business partners, along the full cycle of our business endeavour. We are also committed to abide to the laws, rules and regulations governing each market we operate in.

Quality, Innovation &Constant Improvement

We are in constant search to improve our products, services and market behaviour, as well as our global customer experience, by always emphasizing upon quality & innovation.


We encourage positive, ethical cooperation and natural, organic cohesion within our organisation, at all levels and structures, but also in relation with our stakeholders.

KOMODER in figures:

  • 32 countries in which we do business
  • Over 50 employees
  • 12 showrooms across Europe
  • Over 40.000 sold units
  • 9 spoken languages
  • Over 90.000 pleased users
  • 12 international depots and warehouses
  • Over 30 models of massage chairs launched up-to-date