Signs of poor blood circulation and 9 tips to increase blood flow

Woman receives massage for blood circulation
Poor blood circulation can be improved when receiving a full body massage, either as part of a therapy, or at our home while using a massage chair

Poor blood circulation affects the optimal transportation of oxygen and nutrients across our body to a cellular level. An improper blood circulation can also impact the lymphatic flow with a direct effect on our body’s capacity to eliminate metabolic waste. That’s why we should understand how a professional massage can help us feel better and, why not, use a full body massage chair at home, on a daily basis.

Why we need good circulation

Poor circulation can appear as a symptom for various conditions such as the deep vein thrombosis, peripheral artery disease, varicose veins, or Raynaud’s disease. However, poor blood circulation can also appear as a consequence of our sedentary lifestyle. As an alternative to lifestyle changes, if aggravated, a poor blood circulation can be treated through medicine and surgery. Medical interventions imply removing blood clots and varicose veins. Risks of a weakened blood circulation may increase after the age of 40.

Signs and symptoms of poor blood circulation

We might deal with poor circulation if we experience an ongoing sensation of pins and needles, numbness, weakened muscles, welling, and if our extremities tend to get cold. Furthermore, if connected to advanced diabetes, the signs of poor circulation can arise from the reduced sensation extremities.

How to boost blood circulation at home

Blood circulation can be improved through various lifestyle changes ranging from our dedication to physical activity to the care we direct towards our nutrition. Increasing the intake of fiber, nutrients, vitamin E, and beta-carotene can help prevent a weakening blood circulation. Beyond well-being, lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome is also confirmed as a factor leading to cardio-vascular diseases and kidney conditions.

Quit smoking

Smoking is confirmed as a damage factor to blood vessels, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis or plaque.

Stand up at your desk

Physical activity represents one of the core strategies for improving our blood circulation, especially in your legs and lower body area. Few steps around the office or house every hour - if not every 20 minutes - can do marvels in maintaining an optimal blood circulation.

Practice yoga

Yoga represents an ancient philosophy combining meditation, physical exercise, breathing techniques and lifestyle principles. In its holistic approach, all of its dimensions contribute to cardiovascular health, especially through inverted postures which represent a key factor to strengthening the walls of our heart, while also promoting cell regeneration and boosting lymph circulation. Our heart’s heath is also connected to horizontal and bending postures. Furthermore, postures which work on long bones encourage blood production, whereas stretching exercises facilitate blood rejuvenation.

Eat less meat

Though meat represents a core source of protein, excessive consumption can affect our blood circulation, especially if consumed in fat dishes with high cholesterol.

Poor circulation on hands and extremities
What we eat and how we live determines how we feel. Take frequent massages if you want to improve blood circulation when you have a sedentary lifestyle

As one of the key factors to the blockage of blood vessels, cholesterol and fat build-ups are confirmed as a fundamental cause of atherosclerosis. Cholesterol is also connected to an increased blood pressure which itself ends up gradually weakening the blood vessel walls.

Increase physical activity

Walking is praised as a cardiovascular health booster, being scientifically confirmed as a factor leading to the formation of new blood vessels.

Keep iron levels balanced

Cold hands and feet are recognised signs of iron deficiency in our body. Beyond supplements, the necessary iron input can be ensured from a nutritional regimen prioritising antioxidants and healthy fats, such as nuts and salmon.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration generates sodium retention hindering blood circulation. Maintaining a hydrated body also ensures our blood preserves the optimal thickness with a direct impact on circulation.

Elevate your legs

Our body’s extremities are the first to be affected by poor circulation. Even if our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to increase our physical activity, we can always rely on some easy tricks to keep a healthy blood flow. Maintaining our legs in an elevated position represents the most accessible such exercise. Our only focus is to keep our legs at a level above that of our heart. Such a trick allows stimulating blood circulation back to our heart without generating increased effort by going against gravity - also, you can use a zero-gravity massage chair. As a direct effect of the impact we access by maintaining an elevated position of our limbs, we manage to reduce swelling without putting extra stress on our heart.

Use a massage chair

Massage chairs allow us to neutralise the effects of a sedentary lifestyle by recreating the exact muscular stimulation we experience through physical activity without any effort on our part. Furthermore, beyond the direct health benefits, massage therapy increases the production of feel good hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin, elevating our break into a genuine indulgence.

The standards features of massage chairs allow customising our experience in terms of intensity, movement, and areas of our body requiring additional care.

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