5 benefits of massage for weight loss

Woman receives massage

On a broad perspective, weight loss is described as the effect of an energy consumption which exceeds caloric intake. However, both our capacity to effectively maintain a calorie-controlled diet, as well as our energy consumption rate are the result of a holistic approach on lifestyle. In this perspective, the benefits of massage and, in particular, using a massage chair on a daily basis for weight loss are worth considering.

Can massage help you lose weight?

Our day to day challenges prevent us from fully regaining a desired metabolic performance. Massage therapy (performed by a therapist or enjoyed at home, on a professional massage chair) can reinforce the positive effect of our healthy choice while reducing the impact of areas we are hindered to effectively address.

Massage benefits when trying to lose weight

Recommended as a complementary therapy, massage accelerates and consolidates the effect of the main fitness, wellness, and weight loss strategies in the everyday health routine. Practitioners of various medical disciplines advise a holistic approach on health, weight loss included, which shall address not only nutrition and physical activity, but also sleep and stress management. As we are about to discover, massage intervenes with a desired holistic approach on all essential functions for health and wellbeing.

Massage can improve digestion

Implying the breakdown of food into nutrients, digestion is pivotal to the overall health. A poor digestion implies that instead of being properly processed and eliminated, metabolic waste is stored by the body as a deposit. The direct impact of massage on digestion is noted on a peristalsis level which allows a smooth transit of food towards the intestines. Beyond the role of blood circulation in eliminating metabolic waste, a localised abdominal massage can improve digestion, while reducing bloating, constipation, and diarrhoea.

Reduce toxins

Toxic residue creates an imbalance in the secretion and circulation of insulin and cortisol. Beyond their impact on the overall mood, physical appearance, and sensorial comfort, the main concern raised by toxic residue is connected to the barriers it poses to the transfer of nutrients towards the body. Deprived of essential nutrients, muscles become less likely to reach the desired fitness performance.

massage technique
Massage can help reduce and eliminate toxins while maintaining a high metabolic rate

Nevertheless, toxic residue is noted as one of the main causes of cellulite. Massage contributes to the elimination of toxic residue in two directions. Regardless of the technique employed, massage is recognised as one of the most effective strategies to stimulate blood circulation. Massage also operates on the lymphatic circulation which is vital for maintaining not only a high metabolic rate, but also an optimal production of collagen.

Massage can increase metabolism

Beyond the day to day nutrient intake and other personal factors, metabolic rate is also connected to the quality of our sleep. For optimal health, adults need a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep which implies our night’s rest should not be disrupted. Sleep deprivation is scientifically demonstrated to be the cause of a hormonal imbalance with a direct impact on the sensation of hunger, and satiety. Furthermore, sleep deprivation increases cravings for high caloric foods. The direct impact of insufficient sleep on one’s overall energy, mood, and physical performance.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Cortisol, the stress hormone, can also be activated by insufficient or poor sleep, one of the main conditions ameliorated by massage.

Beyond its direct effect on metabolic performance, massage can also contribute to the toned appearance of the muscles, boosting the effect of a body shaping fitness routine.

Massage techniques when trying to lose weight

Contrary to other health and wellness goals, there is no specific massage technique which is demonstrated to be more effective for weight loss than the others. However, as we are about to discover, each massage technique delivers a distinctive range of benefits.

Deep tissue massage

Particularly recommended as a post-training relaxation technique, the deep tissue massage prevents the appearance of tension blocks in the muscles. As flexibility is essential for exercise performance, muscle soreness hinders weight loss, limiting mobility, and discouraging one’s overall mood and motivation. Furthermore, sore muscles are challenged by a decelerated blood circulation with a direct impact on both the access to nutrients, as well as on calorie consumption.

Shiatsu massage

Operating on localised pressure, Shiatsu is confirmed particularly effective on eliminating water retention, through its impact on Lymphatic drainage.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage benefits weight loss in multiple directions. Combining long strokes in various directions of moderate pressure, the Swedish massage relaxes tense muscles while also stimulating blood circulation and improving one’s lymph drainage. Its impact on nerve endings make the Swedish massage a recognised stress relief remedy, by activating serotonin and reducing cortisol levels.

Massage may also integrate aromatherapy, allowing the complex properties of essential oils to reach both the overall mood, as well as the relationship developed with appetite. The first initial response to aromatherapy is noted on its impact on stress and anxiety. The effect of essential oils prevail for hours, allowing a better and more restful sleep. The healing properties of essential oils can also operate as a remedy against sore muscles. As an ongoing routine, aromatherapy can further strengthen the immunity system.

Use a full body massage chair

Massage chairs are praised for reducing the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on flexibility, mobility, posture. Tacking muscular tension, massage chairs relieve stress while also improving blood circulation which stimulates the breakdown of nutrients across the digestive flow.

Komoder Veleta 2 massage chair
A full body massage chair, like the Komoder Veleta 2 will be perfect for reducing the effects of a sedentary lifestyle

In addition to rhythmic and adjustable vibration, massage chairs operate on heating up muscles, encouraging fat burn. Nevertheless, weight loss can also be sustained by the effect of massage chairs on sleep quality which is confirmed as one of the pillars of an optimal metabolic rate.

The benefits of professional massage chairs should not be disregarded when engaging in an active lifestyle. Through adjustable vibrations, massage chairs produce a toning effect, amplifying results obtained in workouts. However, the main advantage of complementing a fitness routine with a couple of minutes on a massage chair comes from the effect of vibration on preventing or healing sore muscles. That is the main reason for which massage chairs are more and more present in gyms across the world. The same benefits are enjoyed both by those with a day to day fitness regimen, but also by those whose physical activity is resumed to light walks to work or various errands.

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