Massage chairs and your mental health

At Komoder, we know that the benefits of having your own personal, high-quality massage chair can be even more life-changing than simply easing your muscles, or relaxing after a long day.
That’s because having your own massage chair is in fact the ultimate form of self-care, and an investment in your mental as much as your physical health. You might be surprised to learn that on top of the clear benefits of massage chairs for your muscular health, a massage chair can also have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your mental wellbeing and happiness, too.
So, whether you’re looking to buy an electric massage chair for the first time, upgrade the massage chair you currently have, or are simply looking to improve your mental health in the most enjoyable, natural way possible, here’s how Komoder’s best-in-class massage chairs offer the ultimate solution…

Komoder massage chiar

Massage is a natural way to boost your 'happiness hormone'

Serotonin is the hormone which stabilizes our mood and promotes our feelings of happiness. It’s also the hormone which many antidepressants are designed to boost - but massage could be an incredibly effective natural alternative. Studies show that massage can raise your serotonin and dopamine levels by as much as 30%, improving happiness and overall mental health.

Easing depression and anxiety

Not only does massage boost our mood, but it can also alleviate feelings which have a negative impact on mental health, such as stress and anxiety. One leading study in particular from Taiwan’s E-Da Hospital and College of Medicine, found that people with depression successfully reduced those particular symptoms through massage.

Massage relieves stress

We all know that massages feel amazing - but if you have a stressful job, you’ll know even more acutely how important it is for your mental health to have a relaxing escape at the end of a demanding day. The stress-relieving properties of massage chairs are scientifically proven, too: a study of nurses who were given massages in chairs once a week for 10 weeks during their high-stress work hours found their stress-related symptoms, such as shoulder tension, joint and muscle tension and fatigue, all lowered as a result of the regular massage break.

Better sleep means better mental health

A healthy sleep cycle is essential to your wellbeing, but many of us don’t get the recommended amount of sleep we should, either as a result of our hectic daily lives, or clinical insomnia. Sleep deprivation can take a terrible toll on your mental health, but thankfully, regular massage could be the key to unlocking sweet dreams for good, with research showing that reducing stress and promoting relaxation does indeed allow people to get a better night’s sleep. More specifically, massage therapy has been proven to alleviate insomnia related to menopause, cancer, restless legs syndrome and more.
To improve your mental health with your own massage chair, head to Komoder, the UK’s leading massage chair store, to view the full range on offer in the UK, view massage chair prices, and to arrange a showroom visit to try them in person.
Not only do they offer the massage therapy features listed above, but these models also all boast a built-in Bluetooth audio system, space saving design and zero-gravity technology. Plus, they come with Komoder’s leading expertise and unparalleled service, complete with a three-year warranty, AS servicing for give years, and free white glove delivery and installation - so all you need to do is sink into your sumptuous new massage chair and relax.

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