Ease back pain without medication: 5 techniques that work

Woman suffering from back pain
Even though back pain can be related with different health conditions, in most situations, it can be eased without medication

Back pain can be connected to various health conditions which cause sensitivities to our musculoskeletal system, but also to a poor posture and, nevertheless, sleep deprivation. However, there are a few solutions that can help you ease back pain without medication, using a massage chair on a daily basis being one of them.

Home remedies for easing back pain. From where to start

We can prevent and alleviate our back pain through a series of small lifestyle changes which can be gradually introduced in our life without even the most minor discomfort. As passionate as we may be of our work, frequent small breaks in which we can make a few steps around our office or home help not only improve our focus and effectiveness, but also maintain our body mobility. Our well-deserved moments of relaxation should not be regarded as an opportunity to disregard our posture, especially when sitting or lying on our sofa. Nevertheless, to improve your sleep quality, you can use pillows to rebalance your spine, while investing into a firm mattress remains highly recommendable.

Get a full body massage

The healing effects of massage therapy are connected to the impact of muscle and tissue stimulation on our blood flow. Back pain is most often a sign of other health conditions which challenge our musculoskeletal system. Outside injury cases, back pain is most recently traced to our muscles. Massage therapy decreases tension in our muscles, joints, and tissues with a direct effect on our blood circulation, mobility, and perception of pain.

Man receives back massage for easing back pain
Regular back massages, including daily experiences on professional massage chairs, can ease back pain without medication

Reactivating our blood circulation through massage therapy triggers holistic effects on our health and wellbeing, improving flexibility, strengthening our metabolism, and boosting up our energy and optimism for day to day tasks. The effects of a 10 weeks massage therapy plan are demonstrated to prevail for up to 6 months and even a year.

Get muscles moving - exercises for loosen tense muscles

Despite the discomfort the mere thought of moving gets us when struck by a persistent back pain, resting for more than one or two days can not only hinder our recovery, but even influence complications. Slowly integrating physical activity activates blood circulation, heating up and relaxing our back muscles. Blood flow is fundamental to our recovery from pain, as it directly impacts how oxygen and nutrients are transported to the affected areas. Returning to our physical routine should be gradual. Activities which work more than one muscle group, such as walking or swimming can speed up healing.

Techniques for improving posture

Posture is essential for our overall comfort and wellbeing, beyond its impact on our appearance. A poor posture misaligns our musculoskeletal system, directly affecting our blood circulation. The muscle and joint stiffness we may experience are often related to our posture. Fixing our posture while walking may come more naturally, though the real challenge comes when not involved in a physically dynamic activity. Our posture is more and more influenced by our sedentary lifestyle and especially, by the hours we spend sitting at our desk. While our work challenges often get us bent over our keyboard, let’s try to relax our shoulders and get a wider perspective on our tasks while leaning over our chairs, rather than our screens. Placing a pillow between our chair and lower back can also help.

Apply the heat and cold therapy

It is highly likely the outstanding benefits of cold showers have reached our knowledge. The instant effect which paves the way to rejuvenation and strengthened immunity lies, however, in the reduced inflammation. Even though the routine itself may seem a little bit extreme, especially when never experienced before and when challenged by a back pain, there are other ways in which to safely and comfortably integrate the effects of the hot and cold therapy.

To reduce pain, health practitioners recommend we start with exposing the affected areas to cold temperature. For example, we can safely place a cold bag wrapped in a towel over the affected area. It only takes a maximum 20 minutes at one given temperature to get our body acclimatised with the sensation it may activate and receptive to its healing effects. After a couple of days, we rebalance the blood flow through the comforting sensation of a heating pad.

Manage stress and treat anxiety and depression symptoms

The physiology of stress and anxiety implies an overstimulation of cortisol, whereas studies conducted on depression indicate a decreased activity of dopamine and serotonin. While cortisol maintains our body in an alert state, implying inflammation, dopamine and serotonin are fundamental to our body’s response to pain. If back pain is anyhow related to overwhelming events, we should not neglect our wellbeing and try to immerse in any activity which helps us rebalance our peace of mind, whether meditation or any of our hobbies.

Back pain that won’t go away - other things to consider

Working with a physiotherapist represents one of the most effective strategies we can consider to regain our posture and mobility, especially when affected by a physical trauma such as an injury. A physiotherapy session encompasses a series of exercises designed for realigning muscles and bones and improving flexibility. A physiotherapist can assess your posture and flexibility and develop a personalised plan which they can revise according to your progress. In addition to physiotherapy, many practitioners praise nerve stimulation techniques, including acupuncture.

General health recommendations when dealing with a back pain

Our back’s health should become a priority especially over the age of 30. Risk factors increase for activities which demand frequent weight lifting. Excessive weight, including pregnancy, requires extra caution for the pressure it adds to bones and muscles. Nevertheless, smoking can also cause back pain especially as a reaction to coughing. However, if not persistent for weeks, back pain can be addressed through lifestyle changes. Even cases of sciatica are 90% treatable without surgery.

What you need to avoid

Both as a prevention strategy, as well as in our back pain recovery plan, we should not disregard the effects we expose our musculoskeletal system when lifting weights. As a general health and safety advice stressed both for jobs that imply physical labour but also when guided by trainers in our fitness routine, we should always use our knees, and not our shoulders when lifting heavy objects.

When you need to see a doctor

If pain prevents us from performing our day to day tasks with ease, we should consult a general practitioner or an orthopedist. Getting medical advice is salutary as persistent back pain is considered a sign or symptom of underlying health conditions which can be properly identified. As discomforting as pain may be, we should neglect getting a doctor’s advice first before considering medication.

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