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Top 3 Luxurious, Stress and Pain Relief Massage Chairs

There’s only one thing more luxurious than a stress-relief massage: luxury massages on demand, whenever you want them, with your very own luxury massage chair. »

How a professional massage chair can improve the way you live

For many, having your own professional massage chair at home is the dream life upgrade. »

5 Important Things To Consider Before Buying a Home Massage Chair

Are you looking for a massage chair for all over, full body relaxation or are you specifically looking to relieve pain in one area or pressure point? »

Best reclining chairs in the UK - how to choose the one that’ll fit your needs

Sit down, lie back… and relax. A reclining massage chair is your key to ultimate escapism - wherever you are, whenever you like. »

In-office massage - why it’s good for employees, too

A massage chair can take your office culture to new levels of productivity and positivity, cultivating a stress-free environment that your employees thrive in. »

What should you pay attention to when you want to buy a massage chair?

We have listed a number of useful questions for you, so that you know exactly what to look out for when you decide to purchase a massage chair. »

The Best Massage Chairs In London

Massage chairs have come a seriously long way from their early beginnings. In fact, the best massage chairs for sale in London today combine the latest developments in technology and design for unprecedented levels of comfort. »

Massage chairs and your mental health

At Komoder, we know that the benefits of having your own personal, high-quality massage chair can be even more life-changing than simply easing your muscles, or relaxing after a long day. »

7 benefits of electric massage chairs

If you own an electric massage chair, you’ll already know the near-infinite benefits of using them. »

Full body massage chairs: Massage chairs for back pain relief

High-quality massage chairs can be crucial to relieving back pain, with massage proven to decrease pain, ease tension and boost dopamine. Plus, massage provides an effective all-natural alternative to otherwise harsh pain relief drugs. »

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