Komoder LUXOR Zero Gravity Capsule Massage Chair. Calf kneading Massage, feet rollers, bluetooth music. Perfect for your family.

Komoder LUXOR Massage Chair
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Adjustable 3D massage rollers 4 massage rollers Zero Gravity system Back heating
Smart mechanism Space Saver system Bluetooth music Negative ions system

A massage chair as good as a massage therapist.
At home!

In terms of high-quality features, the Komoder LUXOR Capsule simply can’t be beat — 3D L-Track 130 cm roller massage, calf and foot rollers, full body air massage, and two-stage zero gravity all work in harmony to create a special massage experience.

Full Body Air Massage (Arms & Shoulders, Back & Waist, Buttocks, Legs & Foot)

Going beyond the roller massage functions of the chair, the LUXOR features a full-body air massage system. The chair is loaded with airbags that massage practically every part of the body from the head to the feet.

Komoder LUXOR Massage Chair

Unique 3D function

Like other Komoder massage chairs, the LUXOR features an advanced 3D massage roller system. The roller mechanism features four massage heads, spreading the massage pressure across a wider range on the back for more coverage.

With 3D functionality, the massage rollers move in and out in addition to the standard up and down and side to side movements. When the rollers move out away from the chair, they press deeply into the muscles of the back, creating a lifelike deep tissue massage effect. The inward/outward movement also allows you to adjust the intensity and pressure of the massage rollers with five levels of strength adjustment.

In addition to the standard automatic massage programs found on most Komoder massage chairs, the LUXOR offers several special 3D auto programs. During the 3D massage programs, the chair takes full advantage of the deep-tissue action of the massage rollers resulting in some of the most invigorating massage programs of the chair.

Komoder LUXOR 3D

Air ionizer function

In short, an air ionizer is a special air purifier that projects ions into the air to remove dust and other particles. Additionally, air ionizers help remove static electricity from your surrounding environment. Electronic devices all produce static electricity, exposure to which is known to cause symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, and hypertension among others. The air ionizer in LUXOR is located in the headrest. When turned on, it emits a continuous breeze of fresh, invigorating air while removing static electricity. Basically, it helps create the perfect atmospheric environment to restore your body and mind as you relax and enjoy your massage.

massage spots

Lumbar heat therapy.
Back Heating Function

Adding another dimension to LUXOR's already awesome massage therapy, a pair of heating pads in the backrest radiate warmth into the muscles.

Heat therapy can be used as a standalone feature or added to any of the chair's automatic or manual massage programs.

Lumbar heat therapy. Back Heating Function. LUXOR Massage Chair

Important function: Neck and shoulder auto - extend

In addition to LUXOR's already long L-Track, it features an extra length of massage track that allows the massage rollers to reach high on the shoulders and neck. This feature is utilized in many of the chair's automatic massage programs, providing some of the most comprehensive neck and shoulder massage on the market.

Neck and shoulder auto - extend

Zero Gravity positions

When the “Zero Gravity” mode starts, the angle between the body and feet is about 118 degrees. The thighs and calves are placed higher than the heart. The gravity (weight) of each body part will be distributed evenly across the massage chair, so that the pressure on the body is fully dissipated.

Komoder LUXOR Massage Chair

Do you have muscle pain? The chair treats contractions.

Stretching of the arms, back, and legs is recommended in order to activate bone regeneration, and relieve muscle tension and contractions. This stretching is achieved with the aid of massage cushions for the shoulders, arms, and legs. The Komoder LUXOR massage chair is designed for different types of users, and it has innovative auto massage programs which provide an individual massage that meets a variety of expectations.


This chair scans your body

LUXOR is equipped with an automatic shoulder and neck localization system, which means it will scan your back before each massage session in order to detect the user’s height and weight so that the massage session may be perfectly customized.

Komoder LUXOR Massage Chair Scanning

130 cm "SL" Track

Offering some of the most extensive massage coverage of any chair, LUXOR uses a 130 cm "L" shaped massage track. This extra long track extends from the top of the neck, down the back, and into the seat. This is much longer than the typical S-Tracks found on most massage chairs that only extend through the length of the backrest.
While many L-Tracks on the market, particularly those found in lower-end chairs, feature a straight upper portion, the L-Track of LUXOR features an "S-shaped" upper portion to match the curves of the human spine. This ergonomic shape keeps the massage rollers in direct contact throughout the entire range of the back, resulting in more efficient and therapeutic massage action.

LUXOR L system

Specially designed for your home use

A feature that really comes in handy for those who live in small apartments or have small living rooms is the LUXOR's "Zero Wall" technology. Using a special recline track, the chair moves forward as it reclines, greatly reducing the amount of space needed behind it to fully recline. This allows the chair to be positioned just a few cm away from the wall, saving you significant floor space in your room.

Special designed for your home

Calf kneading Massage - Unique function

While the LUXOR does offer air massage for the calves like most massage chairs do, each leg slot features a pair of mechanical massage rollers. These rollers, similar to the main massage rollers in the chair's backrest, roll up and down the legs, massaging the calf muscles with vigor. The action of the calf rollers is designed to mimic the motion of human hands for one of the most realistic leg massages available on any massage chair. When enjoying a leg massage in the LUXOR, the airbags hold the leg firmly in place while the rollers rub and knead the legs eliminating, any tension or pain from the latter. So, if you often find yourself with achy legs after a long day of work, this chair is made for you.

Calf kneading Massage - Unique function. Komoder LUXOR

Foot Massage Reflex Therapy

Along with the calf rollers, the LUXOR also offers roller massage for the feet. Both footwells feature a reflexology roller that spins and kneads the soles of the feet, simultaneously stimulating the acupoints on the feet. With calf rollers, air massage, and foot rollers, the LUXOR offers a foot massage like no other.

Foot Massage Reflexotherapy

New footrest design.

The footrest of the Komoder LUXOR is updated from previous incarnations of the chair. It features a brand new design that’s intended to help tall users achieve greater comfort, accommodating users by offering them up to 17 cm extra legroom. This makes the Komoder LUXOR a great massage chair for tall users or anyone who needs a little extra leg room.

Komoder LUXOR is a great massage chair for tall users or anyone who needs a little extra leg room.

Do you have neck pains or back pains?

It's time for you to buy this massage chair at home for the entire family!

neck pains or back pains

Air ionizer function

In short, an air ionizer is a special air purifier that projects ions into the air to remove dust and other particles. Additionally, air ionizers help remove static electricity from your surrounding environment. Electronic devices all produce static electricity, exposure to which is known to cause symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, and hypertension among others. In the Luxor, the air ionizer is located in the headrest. When turned on, it emits a continuous breeze of fresh, invigorating air while removing static electricity. Basically, it helps create the perfect atmospheric environment to restore your body and mind as you relax and enjoy your massage.

Air ionizer function

2 Zero Gravity positions

These days it's hard to find a high-end massage chair without Zero Gravity — the Komoder LUXOR is no exception. And why wouldn't you want Zero Gravity? It's simply the most comfortable and therapeutic position for your body to be in while getting a massage.

In the Zero Gravity position, the chair is completely reclined and the legrest is elevated to bring the feet in line with or slightly higher than the heart. This position evenly distributes your body’s weight, greatly reducing pressure on your spine and muscles. Plus, with more body weight over the backrest of the chair, the massage rollers can penetrate even deeper for true deep-tissue massage therapy.

Komoder LUXOR Zero Gravity reclining


Just as the built-in air ionizer helps create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing massage, built-in LED lights in the headrest of the chair add a colorful dimension to your surroundings.
Chromotherapy is the practice of using colored lights for therapeutic purposes. Different colors have different effects, and the LUXOR features a range of soft blues and greens to create a very calming ambiance. Of course, if you prefer to enjoy your massage with no light, the chromotherapy lights can be turned off at any time.

cromotherapy Komoder LUXOR

Bluetooth Speakers. No more wires.

The speakers are built into the headrest of the chair creating a surround-sound effect with the music of your choice. The LUXOR utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player to the chair. Your music selections are controlled directly from your device making for easy song selection that you're already used to.

Komoder LUXOR Bluetooth

Manual Programs


An all-purpose technique in which the massage rollers grip and rub the muscles with powerful strokes.


A technique in which the rollers perform light percussive tapping.


A more vigorous technique in which the rollers perform more pronounced percussive movements.


A technique based on Japanese finger massage in which the massage rollers press into the muscles in small, focused movements.


When using this technique, the movements of the massage rollers are synchronized with the rhythm of your music. To use the Sync technique, a music device must be connected to the chair with music playing.


This technique uses powerful rhythmic massage strokes.

Spinal correction and waist twist function

While it isn't a program you can control or a function you can adjust, the spinal correction system is integrated into the chair's automatic massage programs to add an extra level of therapy. When the spinal correction function is active, the shoulder, waist, and thigh airbags are used to both hold the body in place at certain times and swing the body from side to side at other times.

Improve your posture

While the airbags are either holding or swinging the body, the chair's massage rollers move up and down the back to correct any misalignment in the spine's vertebrae. This feature shouldn't be relied on for serious chiropractic adjustment, but it's a great way to improve your posture and make small adjustments to your spinal alignment.

Komoder LUXOR for back pains
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Automatic 3D Programs

Deep Shiatsu 3D

This 10-minute long program uses the 3D rollers to press firmly into the muscles, in true deep-tissue style.

Healthy Breath

This unique five-minute program moves the 3D rollers in and out in specific rhythms to help improve your breathing. If you ever catch yourself holding your breath or feeling lightheaded, this program is for you.

Stretch Massage

This five-minute program is all about stretching. The 3D rollers are used in conjunction with the chair's airbags to perform stretching actions throughout the body.


Sports Refresh

This program is designed specifically for use after intense physical activity such as sports and exercise. Based on Thai massage methods, the program combines strong kneading roller massage with stretching functions afforded by the air massage system. Throughout the program, the legs, waist, and other parts of the body are stretched and massaged using vigorous techniques. The intense action is intended to promote proper circulation and help speed up the process of muscle recovery.

Rest & Sleep

A program designed for use before sleep or as a way to find quick relaxation during the day like on a lunch break. Mild but dynamic massage strokes are used to relieve the body and gradually wind down to ease the user into a state of complete relaxation.

Working Relief

Designed for users who work at a desk all day or spend long hours traveling by car or plane. Strong, intense massage actions are used to ease pain and tension in the upper body, shoulders, and neck. A great program to refresh the body after a stressful day at the office.

Neck & Shoulder

A full body massage program that offers extra attention for the neck and shoulders. The chair's auto-extend shoulder and neck roller feature is utilized to its fullest extent, using the 3D massage rollers to relieve any tension and soreness.

Spine & Waist

This program spends about 80 percent of the duration focused on massaging the lumbar muscles and vertebrae. Roller and air massage work together to target the lower back while the rest of the body gets a mild massage.


After you select a massage technique, you can choose how and where you'd like the massage rollers to operate. There are three options:


By default, the massage rollers perform the selected massage technique across the entire range of the massage track.


This mode confines the actions of the massage rollers to a small area on the back which is moved using the up and down arrows on the remote.


In this mode, the massage rollers perform the chosen technique at a fixed point on the back, allowing you to focus the massage action on a single spot. The massage point can be moved up and down the back and seat using the up and down arrows on the remote.

Massage Memory Programs

As you'll learn when we discuss the manual massage features of the LUXOR, you can customize every aspect of the massage. Offering an additional level of convenience and personalisation, LUXOR features a memory function that allows you to save your favorite manual massage settings for quick access in the future. To use the memory function, you simply adjust all the manual massage settings according to your preferences, then select either "Memory A" or "Memory B" to store the massage. Then, the next time you want to enjoy those exact massage settings, select the correct memory function and your massage will begin. It's like adding two extra auto massage programs to the chair.

Komoder LUXOR massage
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Technical Specifications and Features

Electric reclining backrest Automatic
Feet massager Automatic
Remote controller Yes
Remote controller pocket Yes
Upholstery Ecological, antibacterial leather.
Chair dimensions (upright) (152,4 cm) L x (83,8 cm) W x (114,3 cm) H
Chair dimensions (reclined) (182,8 cm) L x (83,8 cm) W x (86,3 cm) H
Recommended maximum user weight 140 kg
Recommended user height 195 cm
Chair weight 158 kg
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Customer Reviews about LUXOR Massage Chair:

Very interesting model
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5 out of 5 points
Very interesting model. I recommend you this model anytime. Strong or soft massage, you can choose.
A healing experience for body, mind and soul
- from
5 out of 5 points
Few words can describe my first experience in a KOMODER massage chair, but if I were to find one, that would be: out of this world. The LUXOR chair is an excellent machine and really does what it supposes to do, take the massage experience to a completely new level, and all the magic happens right in the cosiness of my living room. Precise, completely adjustable, technologized, intense or mild, perfect for massaging my entire body after a full day at the office, or a very intense training session at the gym. A healing experience for body, mind and soul. Furthermore, the entire experience with KOMODER was a positive one, from the moment I have reached towards them, decided upon one of their chairs and placed my order, till the moment I have received my product I had all the support of the client service department at every step of the way. The delivery was in time and without any problems. I fully recommend them and their massage chairs
Average rating: 5 out of 5, based on 2 ratings
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