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LUXOR II impresses with its design but especially with its complex functions

LUXOR evolves into the second generation and thus the LUXOR II massage chair was created. The dynamic shape of this massage chair was approached precisely from the need of users to save space in the house. This model is ideal for house, apartment, office even where space is limited.

LUXOR II Massage Chair LUXOR II Massage Chair

LUXOR II impresses with quality materials

LUXOR II Massage Chair LUXOR II Massage Chair

3D massage robot on 130 cm SL rail with precise scanning of acupuncture points

The LUXOR II is equipped with a set of 3D mechanical hands, which move up and down, stretching back and forth and additionally performing lateral movements. These mechanical hands help to detect the weight and height of each user.

LUXOR II Massage Chair

Adjustable 3D technologie with 5 levels

Fixed point massage or full back massage

LUXOR II Massage Chair

LUXOR II - Equipped with heating system for the back and legs

One more reason to use the LUXOR II massage chair daily

The heating accentuates the efficiency of the massage, removing the feeling of cold during the winter. Once the heating function is activated, the airbags in the lumbar area and the legs gradually heat up, facilitating the relaxation of the muscles.

LUXOR II massage chair - a healthy habit for your body

The massage experience offered by LUXOR II is impressive. The way this armchair manages to touch the muscles is fantastic. 3D massage technology is used to treat low back or neck pain.

LUXOR II Massage Chair

Remote control. USB port for charging your smartphone

LUXOR II is equipped with a USB port to power a smartphone or other devices

LUXOR II is a masseur capable of:
12 Automatic Programs
5 types of massage

Stretching the arms, back and legs is recommended to activate bone regeneration, to eliminate muscle tension and contractions. This stretch is done with the help of massage airbags for the shoulders, arms and legs. The LUXOR II massage chair is designed for different users, with 12 automatic massage programs that offer a quality massage and which, of course, meet different expectations.

LUXOR II Massage Chair

Joystick Zero Gravity

The new LUXOR II is equipped with a zero gravity joystick to make it easier to set your massage position.

What is Zero Gravity?

This position will bring you into a state of weightlessness in which you will be able to enjoy perfect relaxation. The new LUXOR II armchair allows reclining in Zero Gravity positions.

Zero Gravity positions

By calling "Zero Gravity" the thighs and legs are positioned at the same horizontal level as the shoulders. The center of gravity of the body changes and the gravitational force will be evenly distributed over the body. This is the ideal position for massage. Now is the time to experience the massage programs offered by this extraordinary massage chair.

LUXOR II Massage Chair

5 cm from the wall - Intelligent space saving function

The armchair is designed for small spaces, so a distance of 5 cm is needed from the back wall when the massage chair is in the operating cycle. The seat of the armchair will slide forward without touching the back wall.

LUXOR II Massage Chair

Built-in audio system. Amplify well-being!

You have the option of using a smartphone or tablet to play music.

Connect the armchair to your phone, tablet or laptop via bluetooth. The LUXOR II armchair is equipped with a set of speakers built into the backrest, and through the bluetooth connection you will be able to listen to your favorite music directly from your mobile phone, for example.

LUXOR II Massage Chair

Leg massage and extensible legrest up to 14 cm

Depending on the height of the user, the legrestr extends, the maximum length of the extension being 14 cm, thus ensuring a complete massage, according to the height of each user.

LUXOR II Massage Chair

Specifications and technical characteristics

12 automatic massage programs Extension
Neck and Shoulder
Waist and Buttock
Back and Spine
Timer Yes
3D full back massage Yes. 130 cm SL rail
The width between the massage rollers Adjustable, 3 levels
Fixed point massage function Yes
Airbags intensity Adjustable, 3 levels
Massage speed Adjustable, 5 levels
Electric reclining backrest Yes
Legrest Extensible by 14 cm
Airbags: 4 airbags for shoulders
8 airbag for arms
4 airbag for legs
8 airbag for the feet
Massage rollers 3D
Buttock massage Yes
Shiatsu pads Yes
Reflexology therapy Yes
USB port Yes
Remote control Yes
Remote control pocket Yes
Upholstery Ecological antibacterial leather
Chair weight (kg) 93 kg
Rated voltage 220 - 230V
Stand by dimensions 1490 x 750 x 1150 mm
Reclined dimensions 1750 x 750 x 850 mm
Colour options CHAMPAGNE / GREY
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The best purchase I made so far
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Camile Hoffen / Sweden
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The Luxor II is the best purchase that I made so far. Paul said that I would love it and thank God I listened. I am recommending it to all my friends
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