Komoder Eye Massager C58 - The newest and most mobile therapeutic massage solution for facial muscles and eyes

Komoder Eye Massager C58


  • 3 years Warranty + 5 years AS

  • Producer: Komoder

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Audio Function Heating Kneading Airbag pressure massage

This massage device helps to relax the facial muscles and ensures calmer and deeper sleep. The glasses are powered by a universal USB cable.

1. Air pressure function
2. Vibration mode
3. Heated pressure mode
4. Audio function

Komoder Eye Massager C58
Komoder Eye Massager C58

The device uses an airbags system that massages your facial muscles and relaxes them.

Komoder Eye Massager C58

Use your massage device daily and follow the steps below to charge it:

1. Press the side button
2. Connect the USB cable to the device
3. The red button will turn on when charging starts and stops when the glasses are fully charged

Komoder Eye Massager C58
Komoder Eye Massager C58

The heating function

You can choose to turn off the heating function while using the device. Press once to turn off the heating function. Press again to restart it.

Start / Stop

Set the massage time to 20 minutes, start the massage, after 20 minutes it stops automatically.

Easy to use anywhere

Foldable for space saving, they also come with a protective case.

Medical recommendation

This massage device reduces and prevents migraines.

Quieter sleep

A more peaceful and restful sleep due to the heating function.

Adjustable intensity

2 automated massage programs.

Komoder Eye Massager C58
Komoder Eye Massager C58

The perfect gift

Your eyes will be more rested if used daily. The device is recommended for everyone, but especially for those who spend a lot of time at the office, in front of a screen.

Komoder Eye Massager C58

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